Alpine Waste & Recycling Backs the Rockies!

In celebration of the Rockies’ bid to win the World Series, Alpine Waste & Recycling invited local Boy Scout troops to paint and decorate Alpine dumpsters with Rockies icons.

AlpineRockies1More than 30 teens from the Wilfley Branch of the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver and Commerce City Boy Scout Troop 389/Cub Scout Pack 388 showed their true colors as they helped Alpine Waste & Recycling paint 16 large purple dumpsters in anticipation of a Colorado Rockies World Series parade.

Alpine Waste & Recycling has offered to use the dumpsters to dispose of trash generated during a Colorado Rockies World Series celebration parade in Denver.

AlpineRockies2Alpine Waste & Recycling President John Griffith: “City officials say they are interested in our offer but have not solidified plans for a parade. We anticipate they’ll begin their plans as the World Series progresses.

” Alpine Waste & Recycling first announced Sept. 25 its intentions to handle waste disposal along a World Series parade route and special ordered 16 purple dumpsters. The dumpsters were hand painted by the youth groups with their favorite slogans, including “Go Rockies,” “Happy Rocktober!” as well as their favorite Colorado Rockies characters and players, such as Dinger, Todd Helton and Matt Holliday, all in Rockies colors: purple, black, gray and white.

*Photos by ProConnectPR for Alpine Waste & Recycling

Alpine Waste & Recycling made a donation to youth organizations who helped paint the dumpsters for what is hoped will be Colorado’s first World Series win.

“The Colorado Rockies mean a lot to these kids and they’ll remember this day for a long time,” said Commerce City Boy Scout Troop 389 leader Nick Helbok. “Painting the purple dumpsters was a fun way for them to express their appreciation for what the Rockies have done for Commerce City and all of Denver.