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Alpine’s East Regional Landfill is a municipal solid waste disposal facility, handling only non-hazardous solid wastes. It is permitted, constructed, and operated to the highest environmental standards under the close regulation of the State of Colorado, Adams County, and the Tri-County Health Department. Its multilayer liner, leachate drainage system and network of monitoring wells and methane gas probes provide for stringent and ecologically sound site management.

We are open to the public and our customer hours are as follows:

  • Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Closed Saturday and Sunday
  • Half Price Week. Every second week of each month of the year.


8201 Schumaker Rd., Bennett, Colo

Our landfill disposal fees and policies are as follows:

Loose, Compacted or Demolition Waste
Pickup Truckloads, to Top of Bed
Pickup Truckloads, to Top of Cab
Pickup Truckloads, over Cab Level
Appliances (No CFCs Permitted)
Mattresses / Box Springs / Couches
Tree branches or trees less than 12″ diameter
Trees / Stumps / Concrete Larger than 3′ Diameter
Special Burial Service
Uncovered Loads

$44.00 per ton
$28.00 per load
$44.00 per load
$50.00 per load
$16.00 per cubic yard, 4 cubic yard min
$40.00 per appliance
$22.00 per item
$5.00 per yard
$32.00 per cubic yard
$80.00 per load, plus disposal cost
Double the rates listed above
Prohibited under Colorado law

These fees do not include the Colorado Solid Waste User Fee and the Adams County Landfill Tax.


We offer free recycling drop off at the site through our award-winning Altogether Recycling® program. Materials do not need to be separated for drop off. The following materials are accepted:

Newspaper (including inserts)
Mixed Paper
Phone Books
Steel or Tin Cans
Gable-top Milk/Juice Cartons
Plastic Milk Jugs

Corrugated Cardboard (FLATTENED)
Chipboard (Cereal and Tissue Boxes)
Plastic (#1 – #7) Plastic Bottles and Tubs
Empty Aerosol Cans
Pie Tins

Office Paper
Brown Paper Bags
Aluminum (Do Not Crush)
Glass Bottles and Jars
Detergent Bottles (Tide)
Bulk or Junk Mail

Although Altogether Recycling® is the State’s most comprehensive recycling program, we cannot accept the following materials for drop off:

Plastic Bags
Six-pack Ring Holders

Clamshell or “to-go” Food Containers
Plastic Cutlery, Bowls or Plates

Plastic / Foam Egg Cartons
#7 “PLA” Plant Based Plastics
Plastic Wrap (e.g. Saran)